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Feinstein was 7 million ahead in $ and votes

It was not adequate.

"Would you protect our 1st admendment rights?"

I am not Feinstein.

Would you protect the 2nd Amendment?"

I am not Feinstein.

What is your vision for CA?"

I am not Diane Feinstein.

I even told her,, "I realize you are not Diane Feinstein. What can you do for our county?"

Emken's response.. Feinstein won't debate me.

I believe you are in a very slim majority saying it was adequate. To me.. she made sure Feinstein won. I contributed to Emken's campaign and I voted for her.. it was a protest against Feinstein.. but in truth.. I have no doubt we are better off with Feinstein.. shudder.. chills saying that.. but Emken was no real candidate.