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Comment: What?

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What do you think I meant, and do you really think your version of what I meant is the version I actually meant?

I meant: The concept of improvement involves the concept of competition where a viewpoint is compared competitively with another viewpoint.

Let the better viewpoint prevail.

It does not matter who has the better viewpoint, what matters is that the better viewpoint is known.

It does not matter, to me, which is what I meant, that I express the better viewpoint, or you, or Henry, or Sam, or George, so long as the better viewpoint is known, compared, and is better, not worse.

If that is not understood, then it is not understood, by you, not me, because I understand what I mean.

If I really want to be "left out of it", then what do you think is "it"?

What do you think is it, exactly, whereby you think I want "so bad" to be left out if it?

I want, if you ask me, to be detached, personally, from the viewpoint which is, or is not, better, so as not to divert attention away from the better viewpoint, as that attention, interest, focus, brain power, is misdirected onto me personally, and no longer an attention, interest, focus, or brain power that is zeroing in on the viewpoint.

The rules, as far as I understand them, are such that "personal" focus, such as unwanted, unwelcome, involuntary, "personal attacks" are against the rules, and that is what I mean by leave me out of "it", meaning leave me out of any focus of attention on ME, and try, if you can, to focus attention on the viewpoint being competitively offered for discussion (not argument).

If that is not clear, then there are ways to make that viewpoint clear, as well as there are ways to divert focus away from that viewpoint (which may not be clear) onto me personally.

Go figure.