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I hope it's not and children are alive

As anyone would, I pray it is a hoax, the children were not killed. It is the idea, the horrible thought of those children dying that prompts me to want to find out. Since looking into this, have found a lot of key players are new [within 2 years] to the area. Would like to know how to find out the length of time the parents of the children they say are dead have lived there. If in truth it was a set up, doubt if anyone could approach long established families in the town with the act of a mock killed child scenario and have them accept. Even with the children being spirited off to another location and the parents getting a hefty sum of money, joining their children later is.... completely unbelievable.
It would have to be that the entire cast is fake, prepped for the outcome with a year [at least] of staging and preparation in the community.
What's the whole story on the Sheriff? Read he was arrested for drug [Meth] and sex with minors to remain quiet. Was arrested a couple of years ago, court, found guilty YET, never went to jail. Is he 'owned 'now? Nothing was said about it again that I've seen. Won't go into the others but as I said, several key players are new, within past two years. The town seems to be a bit on the shady side. Players were cast in their roles. Some are almost comical, pathetically inept actually. The parents without true emotion. Have never seen anyone lose a child and not have bloodshot eyes even when not crying, much less while making the noises of uncontrolled crying.........with completely dry, clear white eyes.
If some did in fact lose their child that day, for I wouldn't put murder past TPTB, you have my sincere sympathy. I know and feel your loss.
Did at least some/one of the parents ever see their children afterward? Ever? If none, hard to believe they would accept that. Anyone know?