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Comment: Shamnity is a pitchman

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Shamnity is a pitchman

for the zionist war-mongering vermin that have greatly contributed to our certain demise by his support for:

-4 Trillion dollars worth of wars based on lies (and that number is still growing)

-Hundreds of billions of dollars on the DHS, TSA, and other thug agencies whoose sole purpose is to make war on the citizen sheep and steal their freedoms as well.

-Trillions of dollars in defense contracts to feed the MIC based on a phantom war on terror...a hoax.

-Billions and billions of dollars to rogue nations such as Israel, Pakistan and Egypt.

-Billions of dollars for kick backs to Shamnity's buddies in the special interest...such as Blackwater, haliburton and such

-Not to mention the zionist controlled Federal Reserve that has devalued our money, costing us purchasing power....i.e. the inflation tax.

-and much more.

Shamnity is a liar and a fraud. Shamnity should be hung by his testicles...which are likely being held in a box in Murdoch's office along with many other sets of gonads.