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Hi wendi72

Languages of love. John Chapman describes 5 languages that satisfy emotionally.

Quality time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of service, gifts and physical touch.

I don't understand the other languages as mine is physical touch. I can usually tell if someone shakes my hand if they are "speaking" my language.

I know which language my 4 grown children speak, and my brother and sisters, mom and dad and many in-laws even Dr. Paul.

I know of a father whose language is gifts and he lavished them on his son and could't understand that son only was looking for a hug. Son found no satisfaction in the gifts he received. They each spoke a "foreign" language the other couldn't hear.

I would guess that your language is words of affirmation. At the very least I can affirm your efforts to persevere. What a wonderful desire, to love and be loved. With a little effort and a lot of luck your dream may come true.

Best wishes!

Free includes debt-free!