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Boeing: to China w/ Love ~ 40 years. Geopolitical Trend Impact.

Boeing ~ 40 Years of Working w/ China' Aviation Industry.
Boeing is celebrating 40 years of working together with China's aviation industry. In 1972 CAAC placed an order for China's first Boeing airplanes--ten 707s. Mainland Chinese airlines have since ordered more than 900 Boeing airplanes. More than 6,000 people currently work at Boeing-related businesses and tens of thousands more support Boeing suppliers. This partnering will continue.

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Boeing ~ Boeing. Geopolitical Trend Impact.

Boeing's business is global in every respect. The supply chain spans continents, over 80% of our commercial airplanes are delivered to customers outside the United States, and those customers use our products to connect billions around the world.

In such a complex global environment, The competitiveness of Boeing depends on an understanding of political and economic trends, and active advocacy to support public policies conducive to aviation growth and the value and jobs it creates.

The 2012 Aviation Policy and Geopolitics report offers detailed insight into major geopolitical developments, as well as policy priorities for commercial aviation. The report reflects research and analysis by Boeing experts, as well as input from geopolitical subject matter experts in noted think tanks and consulting organizations. The 2012 report is now available for download here.
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