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They are basically saying

They are basically saying that the second law of thermodynamics does not hold. The second law stems from statistically simplifying matter - in nature it generally does exist in a state which can be accurately described through statistical averaging.

They changed this by confining the "gas" into a very small area using magnetic fields and lasers (i.e., it isn't touching anything which can transfer its energy to raise the temperature of the gas). As a gas comes closer together by reducing the temperature, it tends to repel due to the intermolecular forces and internal energy - what we observe as pressure. They used lasers to alter the alignment of these particles so that they attracted rather than repelled in addition to reducing the temperature and confining it with the magnetic/laser barrier.

In nature, these atoms would be randomly aligned and thus some would be repelling each other and some attracting - this random arrangement is accounted for through statistical averaging. But the random arrangement results in molecular orientations which tend toward repulsion. In stead, these are all lined up like the atoms/molecules in a magnet (very very very unlikely in a random arrangement).

Just my two cents.