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You may have studied the

You may have studied the basic science behind it, as have I, but the truth of the matter is that the technology is being implemented under the facade of a government bureaucracy (FDA) that has given its stamp of approval despite a complete lack of long-term studies by the genetic engineering giants. Ideally, I wouldn't resist the advent or use of the technology either, so long as companies like Monsanto would do the necessary long-term studies in order to garner more assurance for its use on the market. However, to the contrary, they have tried to close down research labs who have tried to tests the seeds by resorting to claims of patent infringement, which they have also used to try to monopolize the crop supply in third world countries. Monsanto is truly an evil entity hiding behind the cloak of government to try and hype up false assurances for the safety of their seeds -- it's a corrupt relationship and their products would never be accepted on the free market.