Comment: Oh, sorry if I mis-remembered the thread

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Oh, sorry if I mis-remembered the thread

Where there were long posts and debates going on and you the only one coming down on the side of fluoridation in the water. My bad.

Let's disregard the fact that I am not a part of any group of "you people". I'm me. I make up my own mind.

I study the facts and use my reason. And my reason works well.

Modern medicine is so evil and f*cking corrupt at the highest levels, it makes me literally want to puke.

The fact that "you people" - the apologists - are out there apologizing for it, pisses me the f*ck off.

And that goes for the people apologizing for the corporate food, the corporate water, the corporate wars, and everything else these psychopathic corporate f*ckers have FUCKED up.

"Oh, its not so bad. You people are overstating the case. Modern medical science is miraculous wonderful, its highly advanced and compassionate, the drugs are wonders of modern technology. Relax"

How many millions of people need to suffer and die before "you people" get a f*cking clue