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One thing to note. In my mind

One thing to note. In my mind it would be good to buy like 1/10 silver coins but you pay a higher premium for them so it really comes down to what you think you want or how you will use them. You can always break down your silver coins but that is a hassle. I personally like 1/4 oz. coins because they are a medium. They are worth roughly 8 bucks depending on the market. But in a time when we may need them they will be an easily tradable coin that will break down easy on its own. I'd like to get some 1/10 coins but I think they're not be as useful. There'd be no reason, I think, to trade in 1/10 silver. I think 1/4 silver coins are about the best because it is not too much and not too little. That's what I prefer anyway. Aside from American pre-65 dimes and quarters I'd get 1/4 oz. silver rounds. That's just me.