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I think the degree to which

I think the degree to which it's possible to control/manufacture information is hard for us to wrap our brains around.

Statistically, there should have been phone pictures and all kinds of private citizen social media coming out of Sandy Hook from the very beginning.....if this was a real event, in this day and age, it'd be nearly impossible to keep a lid on all the images and stories that would hit the web instantly, right? Where are they?

Shouldn't there have been at least a couple of furious, wailing parents calling for an end to gun free zones based on this? Don't people want answers and action in the wake of these kinds of tragedies? But we have all these mellow, smiling families and parents who cry without tears or running noses....

The problem with the 100 percent fake scenario is the old problem of proving a negative. It's impossible to produce incontrovertible evidence that something *doesn't* can only keep citing the absence of evidence that ought to be present if the thing did exist.

But, as far as that goes, there is quite a list of things that aren't there and ought to be. Like tears. Like parents and families going apeshit in unpredictable ways. Like real time citizen recording and reporting in the age of smart phones and facebook. Like verifiable backgrounds and social media histories for family members and witnesses presented to us by the media.