Comment: WOW! I can hardly wait to BLAST him with your points!

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WOW! I can hardly wait to BLAST him with your points!

Dear dwalters, thanks so much! Thanks to EVERYBODY here! I will keep this thread going until we see the final end to this whole "debate"

Oh, and yes, it is in e-mail form to keep our air clean. Not so much because we have a problem arguing, but because the people around us think we are fighting.

Anyway, emails are much more civilized. Interesting that you pointed out that he keeps resorting to name calling etc... I know this is not due to a lack of "love" or "friendship" it is quite likely, as you stated, because of his "weak argument".

My friend's statement about libertarians wanting to "make profits from people when they get sick." is a reference to the non-social (free) healthcare system like the one in Canada. He is 100% in support of socialized healthcare! Honestly, I have a very hard time debating him there. I have searched for Dr. Paul's arguments against socialized medicine, and honestly, I haven't, yet, found a strong explanation as to how free market healthcare would take care of everyone... as the socialized (free) healthcare takes care of everyone in Canada.

Basically, he is totally in love with Michael Moore's movie: Sicko

Hmmmm... I know this will come up soon, so if you have any really good explanations for that, beyond what you have already said, please let me (us) know.

Honestly, I liked the little suggestion that Ross Perot said [paraphrased]: When it comes to healthcare, the solution is easy, just find the best system in the world and COPY IT!

Just plain 'Happy'about the direction the world is taking! Especially if we live to reach LEV [Longevity Escape Velocity]