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Comment: I'm not an attorney and am

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I'm not an attorney and am

I'm not an attorney and am not a member of any state Bar. I just happen to know how to read through legalese with a fairly keen ear for what is being said. Our forefathers created three branches of government when they consented to allow a limited governing of themselves. The judicial branch was created and consented by the ratifiers of the Constitution. As a citizen of the US and by being present in its' jurisdiction, you are under contract, an inherited contract. You can void that contract by going to any foreign US Embassy and renouncing your citizenship there, for starters.

There are plenty of ways to win in court without having to resort to phony pseudo-judicial interpretations of mainly irrelevant court cases. All that mumbo-jumbo won't do you a damn bit of good when the judges feel free to interpret law as they wish and pass judgement on you without any legal justification for their actions. So go ahead and adhere to your beliefs, all I can say is, "good luck with that."