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Comment: The CIA -elite driven "feminist"

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The CIA -elite driven "feminist"

movement has pitted men and women against each other and taught women to think that government agents are their defenders, rather than their natural defenders and support, the males in their family. The reality is the opposite, but most women don't encounter the reality, going about their work-a-day lives thinking that if trouble confronts them they can call 911 and their local police person will save them.
Men have been conditioned to believe that they have no right to defend or pursue justice for wrongs committed against them or their families. This conditioning is achieved in the govschool gulag and reinforced in the media (movies, books, commercials, TV shows, "news") endlessly. This has created a perpetually adolescent society without non-governmental support structures.
At the risk of being called a bigoted chauvinist I will say that most women are less likely to challenge or question authority. This is another benefit to "feminizing" a culture for rulers.