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Comment: high school was fun (late 70's)

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high school was fun (late 70's)

One of my teachers gave me a 'cancer pass' so I could have a cigarette in the bathroom - no one cared that we smoked in the bathroom as long as we didn't spill out into the hallways.
Just about every cut on Halloween - but showed up to school in costume. The homeroom teachers would ask if you wanted to be marked as 'present' or not - just about everyone said 'not' that way no cut cards would be sent home. Even a few teachers showed up in costume.
We did have a kind of 'guard' who sat at the front entrance,no uniform or gun - dressed like Super Fly, but he would let us go out to buy lunch elsewhere if we didn't like what was being served that day. But he'd remember if you didn't come back and that priviledge would never happen again for that person.
In my senior year we had eye tests. I thought that really weird because we had never had them before.

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