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No it is wrong man! but it's

No it is wrong man! but it's none of our business, we need to worry about ourselves first! trust me if we bring down the Fed, Israel is probably gonna go with it, so dont worry. I saw a video with Jordan Maxwell and it woke me up even more! I mean he talked about the Bible and how its really just Eygptian mythology and jesus is really a metaphore for the sun( son of god), anyway i put 2 and 2 together and realized the bible is fake and now ppl are using it to separate us. look how Christians look at gay ppl, all the bible is is a book to keep us fighting among eachother. Thats why you have groups like the Hebrew Israelites(who are very intelligent), but they believe that black ppl are the chosen ppl of god and all white ppl are going to go to hell for all the sins they've committed on black ppl. So I say fight for freedom for all americans and dont stop, because if we win, everybody wins!

juan maldonado