Comment: I do not believe the children are alive

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I do not believe the children are alive

The truth usually lies is some portion of the bigger lie.

Here on the DP we pride ourselves on being smarter and more in tune. Let's live up to that. We should make a post, two colums, facts and speculation. Each one can be debated in the replies and the master post gets changed accordingly. Its the only way to sift through so much BS.

Few things that would help:
Any open casket funerals? Hard to hide a dead child in plain site.

A list of the families and timeline into the community: could be coincidence - could be more - many of these families shedding - well not shedding tears only moved in recently.
Getting to the bottom of the coicidental people wandering in the woods
What about the car.
What about the fact that Peter Lanza is a big tax planner at GE? Another connection to libor?

My point I guess is that there is so much BS in MSM and SOOO many weird questions - lets do our jobs and be the investigators and compile this info into one post. Update the post as valid information is provided.