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sad but true

Your post makes me think of a cousin of mine. She is in her 40's, morbidly obese, and spent a couple decades in and out of school/convents/mom's house. She finally found a decent job, had a gastric bypass done & family thought she was getting it together...nope. Left her job after about 2 years, told me it qualified her to get a house for a dollar and loans for more school. Borrowed to go after a master's degree, then a few months later tells me quite happily, "I qualified for permanent disability!!"

My dad is a family practitioner (I'm in medical school intending the same) and he's constantly venting about people who get on permanent disability who shouldn't have even been considered. For things like carpal tunnel, poor vision, bipolar disorder, etc... It may be to paternal for my medical school professors, but I plan on doing like he does. He told a man with poor vision that he has blind patients that work. He told a semi-driver who wasn't allowed to drive a truck anymore b/c of his high risk of a heart attach behind the wheel that he's give him 3-6 months of disability to let him retrain at a community college to learn a trade that better fits him. Of course these people just go to a different doctor and get permanent disability from them. :(