Comment: I have to disagree with some of his materials....

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I have to disagree with some of his materials....

His stuff on economics is wonderful BUT the stuff in which he claims that Catholicism brought economic prosperity it is a lie. Show me a very catholic country and you will see a big economic mess. From Mexico to Chile, Philippines. Even Portugal, Spain and Italy (the worst economic wise countries in Western Europe). The more hardcore catholic the worst it is economically speaking.
Protestantism brought economic prosperity in Europe and the founders of America brought those principles to America and that is what made it so great. Yes, there were a few masons and other philosophies. Yes, there were some fanatics that try to force you to believe as them. But even Ron Paul has been influence by these principles, yet he does not legislate or force them on others (which I think it is great).
In fact I am looking forward one of this days to go to one of his conferences and ask challenge him in this point.

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