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I wouldn't

You have some homework to do.. there is a war going on between the police and sheriff in Kern County

You're home to the biggest WalMart distributer in the USA.. Kern County is very corrupt on many levels because of it's location.. you're hours from LA and SF, the heart of Methland.

On one hand, you are in one of the best spots in CA.. I happen to love Bakersfeild.. Haliburton is there.. you've got tons of opportunity and many people seeking to profit.. so if I were you, I would attend meetings and events.. study who is who.. find some like minded friends, and together maybe go to this

Now.. Just off the North NWY 99 Exit from HWY 5 is a little deep pit bbq.. it's on the South East corner.. across from Jack in the Box.. check it out.. Central CA used to be DEEP PIT BBQ world.. and then the food laws outlawed deep pit saying it was not HACCP certifiable. Well the chef who opend that little BBQ place went to school.. adapted the HACCP so he could bring back deep pit.. you will find deep pit packages ready to cook in the meat section of most stores in your area.. Pappy's seasoning is from deep pit days.. the deep pit salad with blue cheese is awesome. And it's orange season.. nothing like driving through those orange fields.. except taking a bottle of vodka and having fresh orange juice with it on a pic nic.. but watch out for the bees... Bakersfeild is bee heaven.. and then their's Oildale.. a little hell on earth.. but good jobs, good money.. you;ve got trains.. Bakersfeild has a lot going for it.