Comment: seems to me you are just anti-Catholic

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seems to me you are just anti-Catholic

"Protestantism" did not bring economic prosperity. The Industrial Revolution had a lot to do with it, and that did originate in England. England happened to be Protestant (thanks to that wonderful man, Henry VIII) but it's a pretty big stretch to generalize from there to say that "Protestantism" brought economic prosperity. I wouldn't say that there is any correlation between Catholicism and socialism. Some of the most socialist countries are the most Protestantized ones (Scandinavia being the best example)

Now you say that Catholics are ruining the GOP Party, and then you name a bunch of mainstream Republicans who are Catholic...but you can name a lot of Protestant mainstream Republicans as well. Jeb Bush is no worse than GW Bush, for example. Santorum isn't much different than Huckabee (though I do prefer Huckabee) Ron Paul happens not to be Catholic. Well, you have that going for you, but that's about it.