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It's fine bear, you're welcome to. :)

The idea is great but the applying those ideas to an infrastructure that's already in place is the problem.

In order to support something, I believe that a person must have a clear understanding of how it should work, don't you?

I ask that you try and imagine how it would work out before you show support for it.

So how would we partition the roads to sell? Would we offer a company a stretch of road that went from one end of the state to another, buying the full road? Would we partition off 10 mile stretches? How about, what would happen if you were in a location, as my "problem" suggest, where you only have one road to travel on? Since we believe in full property rights, then that person could limit who travels on it and or charge whatever rate they think they can get out of it.. maybe they might decide to charge more than some of us can afford. Free markets work because of competition and choices.. one person or company with a monopoly on a route isn't free market.

1000's of variables to consider on something as complex as roads because of logistical issues..

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