Comment: Black and white is so simple

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Black and white is so simple

but just not really applicable.
I believe i am as much god as anybody else on earth... that does not mean I think I am God. I have thoughts that I do not act on, some of them "wicked" but if I choose not to act on them, then I don't believe I am "wicked" for having them. I have a VERY odd sense of humor, and often my "wickedness" occurs in that form. Earlier today, I posted that I would appreciate the irony if a meteor hit the building where Gabby Giffords is having a meeting to "end death in America." Now, if God decides to hit that building with a meteor, am I wicked if I go ahead and appreciate the irony?
It is the deeply indoctrinated notion that men are inherently evil that makes Christianity untenable for me. I know my heart, and it is not wicked.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.