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It is very clear to me

Am I not being politically correct? Expressing the reality of the situation?
Let me ask you this, not in a spirit of fight but so we can reason together. Have you ever travel in some of these countries? I lived in Europe and Latinamerica for many years. I have been to 25 countries. The most prosperous nations in Europe were protestant (they are postmodernist today and that is another story). Look at the correlation, England, Switzerland (the most prosperous part is the German/protestant part), Netherlands, Germany ( In Asia you find North Korea (which is the most protestant nation in Asia) and Japan (that we, by paying for their defense budget allow them to progress). In Oceania you find Australia and New Zealand built on protestant principles.
What has happen is that Americans have forgotten their history, America was founded because a group of protestants wanted to live in liberty that is why they end up here, persecution and loss of liberty was bad in Europe. Liberty is what made this country so great.
I had an opportunity to visit a very interesting place in Mexico, in the city of Cuauhtemoc in Chihuahua, there you find a very interesting combination, Mestizo Mexican (catholic), Tarahumara indians (catholic) and Mennonites (protestant), the difference is huge today. All of them started with the same opportunities. The type of housing, the prosperity of their business of the Mennonites is amazing, the difference between them. The Mexicans and Tarahumara are not dumb but the philosophy that undergirds their lives does not lead to progress.
And your point, that is well taken about the others. The problem with modern Protestantism is that most of it is a waterdown version of the real thing. If Luther, Calvin, Swingly, Knox , Bunyan, Wesley were to see what is going on they would get a heart attack. Instead of peace they preach war, that Neocon mentality does not come from true protestantism.
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