Comment: Don't Ignore FACTS

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Don't Ignore FACTS

A couple of days after the Batman shooting, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I am a media professional and I suspected if I researched the local news reports, I would find discrepancies with the national media story. What I found was alarming - reports of at least two people coordinating the attack! I cut together a video with these witnesses and it went viral. (I'm honored to see Ben Swann used some video I cut together in his presentation!) When the Sikh Temple shooting occurred, I did the same thing and found 3 witnesses describing as many as 4 shooters in a team. This is EYEWITNESS testimony.

Sandy Hook is just as suspicious. Anyone who doesn't have the stomach to face the fact that we are routinely given packaged "news", which is rife with lies, needs to wake up. You cannot be a Patriot and be willfully blind to False Flag attacks, corruption, and obvious conspiracies.

Christo Garcia