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probably too long to get into here..

But GATA (Gold anti-trust action committee) is a GREAT place to start.

Sites like and (and many others) often feature commentary and articles that go into the manipulation in great detail. I've been reading up and learning on it for the better part of two years now (maybe a bit more), and still don't know anywhere near as much as many of those guys do, but for me it's more a "hobby" or fun intellectual pursuit (I'm an engineer and IT guy, so some of the "how markets work" stuff isn't what I learned in school).

In short, it comes down to a lot of naked shorting of gold and silver, and if you start looking at the daily charts, you start to see patterns emerge. Like MASSIVE smashes in price daily around 8AM or so, or every time the FED has a minutes release or gives a speech, stuff like that. And the huge price hammering is done by someone dumping insane (some might say impossible) amounts of the item for trade almost instaneously - like, amounts equivalent to an entire year's worth of production, in the space of 5 seconds. Stuff like that.

It's a really fun little rabbit hole to go down if you're serious about stacking and want to understand more of what's happening currenlty in the market. CFTC has been doing an investigation into manipulation of the silver market for going on 4 years or so now, and it's still "in progress".

One of the reasons put forth for WHY such a small market is manipulated (both gold and silver) is the "canary in a coal mine" view; gold and silver, which both have historically had long runs and been recognized and used as actual "sound money", would see prices relative to USD, Euro, etc rise dramatically all other things bieng equal (and unmanipulated). That isn't happening to the extent most believe it would/should, largely because such a price run-up would be like the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" dying, giving everyone a tip that maybe things are not so awesome with the economy and such as we're told by "mainstream" outlets. When that run up eventually DOES happen, when the broad population catches on that "something is up" and starts to move with a sense of panic into precious metals, THEN you know the jig is up. There's a LOT of effort currenlty into discrediting a "gold standard" and the concept of gold (or silver) as money. We're no where near the panic stage where the population at large moves into gold and silver as the next "big, safe thing" so for now - it's like buying at a fire sale.

Even looking at performance over the last 20+ years, you sort of can't go wrong at least in simply buying and holding. I think that 2012 was the first time in 9 or 10 years that gold DIDN'T beat S&P500, and that was only just BARELY the case.