Comment: The main point of all of this needs to be

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The main point of all of this needs to be

that if you need to use violence to enforce some kind of "service" to the public - that service shouldn't exist. I don't care WHAT JUSTIFICATION you want to use for harming people. If someone isn't harming anyone else - it's against The Law to do so!

If people want something bad enough they will pay for it.

I was hitching in Texas one day and got into a debate with someone about this. I said to him "I don't operate my own private auto. I walk, or thumb it. I can just as easily walk or thumb it on a dirt road. Why should I be forced to pay for something just so it's easier, faster or better for other people to do?

People are so impatient. They are on such a tight time schedule. They never stop to smell the roses. Maybe unpaved roads are a good idea. When you become devoid of all material possessions... you find out you never needed them in the first place. You learn to live without them.

A bunch of grass could grow up over the pavement and I wouldn't care less. Perhaps we should have some better cars... which we don't have due to the fascist car industry? Cars/trucks with better shocks etc... you don't need paved roads anyway... all you need are roads that are frequently traveled and there will not be overgrowth.

If the secret black-ops would release technologies such as anti-gravity your car wouldn't even touch the road.