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What do ...

... Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, and Timothy McVeigh all have in common?

Every one of them was "treated" and/or "visited" by Dr. Louis Jolyon ("Jolly") West, former had of MK-ULTRA.

In Jack Ruby's case, West was the guy to declare Ruby "insane" after Ruby claimed JFK was killed by conspiracy.

Sirhan and Chapman were "patients" of West.

McVeigh was visited in prison at least 12 times by West. The prison visits were documented by an intern, named Chandra Levy, who later was involved in a sex scandal with a congressman. And even later, she went missing and eventually found murderd.

There may also be a link between West, or one of his associates, and John Hinkley, Jr. George Bush's son was to meet with Hinkley's brother the next night for dinner. Speculation here is that Hinkley was part of MK-ULTRA type plan that was first directed towards taking out Carter (thought to be a loose cannon) and later directed towards Reagan, as Bush was #2.

What do the Underwear Bomber and Jared Loughner have in common?

Both were getting ready to defend against their charges in court, then were directed by the judge to receive "psychiatric medication" ... and then both plead guilty to avoid trial.

What do ALL domestic terrorist plots uncovered by the FBI since at least 1993 have in common? ALL involved FBI agents GIVING FAKE BOMBS to the alleged suspects.

What do 9/11 and 7/7, Aurora shooting, and possibly Sandy Hook, all have in common? Training excerces of the EXACT SAME scenario happening at the EXACT SAME time (earlier in day in case of Aurora), as the actual event was unfolding.

Now ...

How willingly blind does a person have to be to make the claim that there are absolutely no dots to connect?