Comment: It is not a hoax.

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It is not a hoax.

Regarding the parents' apparently well rested appearance and no tears:

[This] is MSM TV, in controlled lighting settings, not impromptu, on location reporting. In situations like [this], there are many professional staff present: make-up artists, lighting crew, and they have great cameras and lenses. I'd be surprised also, if the make-up staff didn't offer Visine for the parents' red eyes. Most of the parents seem completely genuine.

The only really suspicious parent, in my opinion, is Robbie Parker. The laughing, forcing himself into “character,” and the seemingly fake emotion displayed; he's either a sociopath or an actor. And the fact that most MSM rebroadcasts of Robbie Parker, are doing damage control, only showing him starting AFTER his laughing, when he's already in “character.” Why hide it? THAT'S SUSPICIOUS!

People cry themselves completely out of tears quite quickly (the tear ducts only produce so much.) More importantly, people act different on camera, and especially in front of strangers. A lot of people try to hide emotion, not show weakness, etc. These are regular people, who probably haven't ever been on TV before, being told that an audience of millions or “the whole country” will be watching, and “be strong.” They aren't going to be acting like “themselves.”

The situation, with all the disinfo of “It's a hoax!”, “No one died!”, “The children are alive!”, “There were no children!”, “The parents are all actors! “They're all lying!” is quite similar to how the counterintelligence community, namely the CIA and their assets, forced a purposeful dissassoCIAtion divide between the original 9/11 truthers and the victims families, with, for example, the disinformation, distraction, diversion of “No planes!” “No victims!” “9/11 was holograms!”, etc., etc., etc.

That's what's happening here. Separate the Sandy Hook families from the concerned citizens; never have a problem answering all the problems of the official story. Confuse the situation. Parents who would otherwise agree, and be demanding answers, such as who the other “suspects” were that were arrested, etc., AREN'T going to side with "concerned citizens" who are asking these questions, when many of the questions are being mixed with proclamations of “It's a hoax!”, “The parents aren't real!", "They're all actors!”, “No children died!”, etc.

You have to remember, the people who got a 9/11 investigation, even though it was set up by the Bush administration to fail (and was a further cover-up,) weren't the 9/11 “truthers.” It was VICTIMS' FAMILIES. It was The Jersey Girls. Watch 9/11: Press for Truth. A lot of families, even though they know the official story about 9/11 doesn't add up, don't want anything to do with the “truthers” and the whackos. Same thing here with Sandy Hook: Separate the families from the concerned citizens. Never solved.

Now, not everyone saying it's a hoax is an agent or asset, but I guarantee that the first “sets” of “It's a hoax” promoters, and a few who are continuing, definitely are agents or assets. It's divide, conquer, and further your agenda(s). That's one reason why we have DailyPaul (ab)user El Buggo here, saying it's all fake, virtual reality, a hoax, and any other purposeful nonsense and lies he/she gets paid to say. He/she is an agent or asset, and a piece of worthless feces.

It is not a hoax; but there are several purposeful agendas going on.