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State and County

Courts are available to these people, AND believe me, they ARE very generous to farmers and ranchers. That money usually stays in the county and in the state.

With all the recent hub bub over fracing - it has been going on in Oklahoma since the 70's (probably before that)

I know this because I worked for Halliburton (back when they were respectable and before Cheeney) All the service companies were named in the lawsuits. During the 80's boom, the fracing occured several times a day, and very few were trouble jobs.

I am amused when this is referred as new, and a reason the country will be energy independent, when this has been going on for more than 30 years. Directional drilling was implemented in the 80's.

The public is so duped into believing this stuff is new, and will "save" us from the Arabs.