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What does YOUR SPECIFIC POST HERE have to do with the Tesla? The article you chose to post contains the following:
"This design concept from Delaware-based industrial design firm Xelestine might appeal to family men of a certain age considering a sporty mid-life crisis automotive purchase but wanting to enjoy some of the family-friendly benefits of a wagon or pickup truck. Intended for a front-engine vehicle, the concept centers around the rear window that can be raised to switch from a fastback to a wagon, or can be folded to create a pickup truck."
In addition to having nothing to do with anything relevant to the DP, it's a CONCEPT CAR. IT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST.

Bob, you are really swimming in it.

I think I'll start posting about pencil sharpeners, New England dinner table etiquette and the daily summaries of all the TV soap operas. How does that strike you?