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I stand by Charles Dyer 100%

Consider the full weight of whatever credibility I have around here on the line. He is innocent. He was targeted because he was REALLY persuasive about why Americans need to throw off the current tyranny...

It's a REAL SHAME those who supposedly stood with him at the time have by and large abandoned him - most likely due to threats.

He constantly spoke about peaceful resolution... (view the link in the comment above) but when it comes down to it... if tyrants won't listen what can you do? Die? If it was not for Charles Dyer I would not be the patriot I am today.

He spoke to people who were engulfed with fear... gave them a reason to be brave... identified with them. Made them feel secure in their decisions... whatever they were... that if it comes down to it ... a man has to do the right thing.

Buckling to tyranny and allowing your children to be sold into worse slavery than we have now is not the right thing.

Charles however did not manage to get into any law stuff though... didn't realize that there is a peaceful way - for a very limited time left... to fix this before it's too late.