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You do aye? You're wrong.

"I know I am not wicked."

That's why you'll never serve anything but wickedness Anarchist. You can't see the wickedness inside yourself. You don't "know thyself" and it reinforces that you can't be honest with yourself. If you can't address the wickedness inside you, you're worthless in defending people from it.

There IS evil inside me, you, and each one of us. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

An Anarchist needs to pretend mans wickedness is an illusion, that it's not there, because they want to set mans covetous nature loose in the world. They want to create a free market of violence serving the principle of self interest while pretending there's no wickedness inside them.

Being nihilists, Anarchists actually BELIEVE that there's no wickedness inside them, because that's what nihilists are; WORTHLESS in any moral debate because they don't recognize wickedness. Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty because they don't recognize wickedness.

They need to do what you just did, pretend that there's no wickedness inside them, yet when you take a good hard look at them, all that they produce is bad fruit. They're liars and snake oil salesman, con men handing out poison apples to people they view as something less than them, something here to be made fun of and destroyed.

Your dishonesty is why, and no, I wasn't dumped by my Anarchist girlfriend. Anarchists make people sick all on their own.