Comment: Perhaps You Overlooked The Christian Scholar/Expert Cited ...

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Perhaps You Overlooked The Christian Scholar/Expert Cited ...

... in the article who reluctantly concluded there was no Jesus who died on a cross?

I have indeed searched for scholarly resources on the Internet attempting to authenticate the historical existence of Jesus, and the best I could find is the simple fact that Jesus had a following (documented only a great deal into the future after Jesus supposedly lived physically on planet earth).

Also, the Jesus of the Bible was shown in the article to be a false prophet according to the Bible's own definition. So even if he did exist, the Bible itself instructs its readers to pay him no mind.

However, if despite this fact you still wish to carry on an intelligent conversation over whether or not there was a historical Jesus, please provide us with something specific which scholars have cited in support of your argument.

Without specific evidence, all the claims in the Wiki post can be deemed as no more than fluff.

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