Comment: I'm a retired ophthalmic medical technologist

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I'm a retired ophthalmic medical technologist

I can assure you, the hot little pharmatute that supplies him with samples has proven to your ophthalmologist that those drops are EXACTLY what you need.... to help her meet her quarterly goals.
Flax seed oil or coconut oil or both, in your mouth - not your eye.
There are three layers to tear film, aqueous, mucilaginous and lipid. Drink enough water? I assume so if you are vegan, you must care about your diet. If you aren't making enough mucus, that is very odd. Usually, dry eye is a breakdown in the lipid layer, and so no matter now much aqueous layer you produce, it all evaporates away too fast. So supplement your GOOD fats to improve the quality of the lipid layer. And if you suffer from dry feeling eyes still, use saline.
Oh - the "dirty little secret" about systane... Glycol is in the "sugar" family... Sugar leads to cataracts... The sad thing is, your ophthalmologist knows these things, but no one has ever put them in one sentence for him, and so he compartmentalizes the knowledge and advises his diabetics to keep their sugar under control for the health of their eye, then tells you to put sugar in your eye.

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