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My turn to butt in

There are so many people willing to excuse involuntary associations for this or that reason and that fact, a power of numbers, aids and abets, or lends moral and material support to invent, produce, and maintain involuntary associations.

Other people offering similar words on this theme have already offered that viewpoint.

Involuntary Associations are OK as far as I am concerned.
Involuntary Associations are crimes in progress and governments are instituted among people so as to defend against crimes in progress.

Those who claim to be apart of number 1 are liars, they are frauds, and even if their own minds are twisted around to excuse their invention, production, and maintenance of their Involuntary Associations, they themselves are volunteering. Since they themselves are volunteering then their Involuntary Associations are fine for all the people who are in their group of Volunteers. But they themselves know that there are other people involved, those who are their targets, those who they will exploit, those who they will "volunteer" even if the "volunteers" protest.

The really sad part, in my opinion, is that all those lies, by all those liars, have been completely avoided in many places, even where roads are built, but the liars, with their lies, refuse to give credit where credit is due, because doing so confesses their lies to be lies.

Take the road business now.

If the criminals running the so called Federal Government were to stop being criminals then this country could then return to an actual Voluntary Confederation of Constitutionally Limited Sovereign States.

If one State does a much less despotic job of road work, then another State can copy or reject or improve as the people force the State to do, or the people move to the better State, and that was a design feature of a Confederation before the criminals took over in 1788.

Free people either stop listening to the well paid liars, stop paying bonuses, raises, and everything of any value, or not.

Roads are not a problem, there are plenty of voluntary solutions that work voluntarily, and those liars who claim that the targets have to pay for the roads are liars, and they confess, if you are listening, and if you care to know the truth.