Comment: Gun control works

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Gun control works

When those who have guns take guns away from those who use guns to disarm innocent people then gun control works to defend against criminals (criminals with or without counterfeit badges).

Government can be instituted among free people to disarm the criminals by paying the criminals less (meaning crime does not pay so well) so the Alex Jones type "all government is bad" claim is false.

I am not targeting Alex Jones, but the claim is false.

Criminals with counterfeit authority that is not government, it is "the color of law" does not automatically make every form of government guilty of the crimes committed by frauds, counterfeit authorities, etc.

Please get that straight.

There is no need to resort to deception, threats of violence, or violence. Government that is voluntary is not only possible it happens all the time, so knowing the difference between voluntary government and crime made legal aught to be understood before prejudice is the common ideal shared by all the victims of their own ignorance.

Having the power to avoid being a victim of crime includes whatever works best to reach that goal of having the power to avoid being a victim.

Stop paying the liars who prop themselves up as governors, judges, congressmen, senators, lawyers, and supposed "government" so much money (power) for inventing, producing, and maintaining better lies, and what happens?

Crime stops paying so well?

Criminals hiding behind the color of law willfully work effectively at making their targeted victims defenseless.

That is what they do.

They use slogans like Gun Control.

They are criminals and they want to make their victims powerless to defend against further injury.

The Gun Control that works is the slowing down, stopping, and never again paying criminals anything and then the criminals won't have any way of buying a gun to then use the gun to take away your ability to stop sending criminals more POWER.

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (not to enforce compliance with 1 and 2 or a new and "better" version of 1 and 2 above)