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books on things like homesteading, first aid (Army Field Manual is very good for that), foraging (I was amazed at the number of "weeds" in my own yard that are edible and GOOD for you, in a pinch!)

alcohol makes a GREAT barter item, and has a lot of other uses in a SHTF scenario as well. May want to buy a few bottles of your favorite whiskey or something similar.

never hurts to have a bunch of reasonably heavy duty plastic bags (contractor style), duct tape, and other useful things like that. You can use them MacGuyver style to do hundreds of things.

Likewise, having a decent amount of supplies of really basic things like soap and toilet paper, while it may make you want to giggle, will be no laughing matter when it comes to it. It's easy to buy and stock up now, we try and just buy a little extra when we go to the store espeically when it's on sale - get more and just put it into rotation and build up a store over time. you'll be happy to have that sort of thing when the shelves are bare.