Comment: You should be afraid...very afraid?

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You should be afraid...very afraid?

If there is 1 thing I have learned since "waking up" its that I had been indoctrinated and propagandized into allowing irrational fears to confuse and control many areas of my life. I'm not some superman or have become so certain of everything that I have completely eliminated all my feelings of fear, but I no longer suffer from routine bouts of irrational fear. Sadly, the only time I ever get anxious anymore and/or experience some level of uncontrollable fear is when the very people who I used to think were around to "protect and serve" me...begin to follow me in my car. Or when I see a group of heavily armed members of the State "protecting" an event or public gathering.

Most of the officers where I live seem to be pretty decent individuals but they are still willing members of a gang that is the enforcement arm for a very corrupt corporate/political system. I would never dial 911 regardless of the situation I have found myself in and I no longer support their "benevolent" institutions with donations. One of the few things my parents ever taught me that has some truth to it is that you are known by who you associate with. I will not intentionally ever interact with the police or other enforcement arms for the tyrants that have taken over our country.

I have no fear of walking down a dark alley "in the bad side of town" anymore. I don't fear anyone because of race or ethnicity. I've never been happier in my life, never slept more soundly, and never been as worry free as I am right now...and my life is far from ideal. I used to have lots of money and a nice home. Now I live paycheck to paycheck and live in a very small apt. But I've never felt more free and alive. Everything always seems to work out somehow.

So the clip above was interesting, but when anyone tells me to be afraid...I tend to think that person still has some waking up to do. And anyone that uses scripture as some type of source documentation to back up their assertions...well, they lose even more credibility with me.