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Glad you got the proper treatment

"Dry eye" eyedrops are a big scam-o-rama. I explained in detail why people's eyes get dry. Anyone here is welcome to go ask their favorite eyecare professional if my assessment is correct. They will agree all the way to the point where I say "then put quality oil in your mouth to improve the oil layer of your tears." They will insist it does not work, that can't be true, and yet...
I also suffered "dry eyes" for years. Got "punctal plugs" put in, it was free for me. They were silicone, I developed an allergic reaction and had to have them removed. I used the top of the line artificial tears, as much as I wanted - they were free for me. And it got so bad I had them cauterize one punctum closed, and I suffered with the other.
I retire, time rolls by, I get turned on to fish oil first- but the OP is vegan so I recommend flax or coconut, but the point is by putting quality fats in my diet my dry eye cleared up. It still flares up when I do not take in enough.
They pitch those drops as better than saline for the exact reason I say "eat oils" - because the problem is poor quality lipid layer. SO don't ask your doctor about eating the oils, just ask yourself that part. If these drops are just so skippy because they imitate oil, maybe real oil would be better, and perhaps that is a symptom that I am generally deficient in quality oils? (In fat-phobic America?)

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