Comment: David Simpson would be a MAJOR win!

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David Simpson would be a MAJOR win!

Texans, tell everyone you know that they should call their Texas STATE Representative to vote for David Simpson!

Here are the instructions:
1. Go to
2. Enter your address
3. Under "District Type:" choose "House District for the 2012 Elections"
4. Click the "Submit" button
5. On the left hand side it will say "House District X" where X is your district.
6. Remember that number
7. Click on "Member Information" at the top of the web page
8. Click "By District"
9. Choose "House" in the "District Type:" dropdown
10. Enter the above number in the "District Number:" box
11. Click the "Submit" button

This will give you the name, phone number and extension, and P.O.Box for your representative.

These are a lot of steps, but it is actually very easy and intuitive.

Call ASAP!