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This is how

So here's how it worked.

RPI (Republican Party of Iowa) is financially supported through fundraisers and direct support.

The major fundraisers are all pre-caucus, like the Ames Straw Poll. Spiker did not assume the Chairmanship until after the caucus, after the resignation of Matt Strawn.

After the State Convention, Paul supporters gained a clear majority of the State Central Committee.

As a result of this, direct support to RPI was essentially cut off because long time supporters of the more social conservative and mainstream Republicans who had typically run RPI refused to contribute to RPI, not trusting how the new SCC would allocate funds.

Since then, the contributions have remained withheld because the SCC chose to support all candidates instead of only highly viable candidates, which may have contributed to the losses in some competitive races with more viable candidates than the ones that were clearly lost and were going to be clearly lost.

This is how the mainstream is choosing to fight back against the Paul-supporter regime.

It goes to show that they actually would rather lose than see us succeed at the helm of the Party.