Comment: SS is a bought and paid for Benefit, not an Entitlement.

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SS is a bought and paid for Benefit, not an Entitlement.

Payroll tax? SS is not a tax! However to Congress, is it just another unneeded rip off of the taxpayer? That is what it seems like to just many folks, unless you apply a right meaning. “Payroll tax” is Social Security payments, collected so that one has a retirement paycheck to look forward to. The less you put in, the less you get out! It's not a tax! Rather payments into a national self-insurance plan called “Social Security.” Congress has go to stop robbing it! Ever hear the majority of Americans saying, “Don't touch my Social Security!” Well, guess what, it's been touched through the back door, and years worth of less paying into it, means less out later. That's sad enough, but on top of that, what do the political elected people do with this, they treat it like income tax and spend it as soon as it comes in, like just another revenue source. It's not Congress' to spend nor is it the Administrations', but with calling it a “Payroll Tax,” looks like these listless branches of government get away with spending it anyway! Kicking out the current way of spending the people's insurance money (SS contributions) is the only way to save what little may be left of the fund, after the congressional vultures pick it to pieces.