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Firefighters learn to expect partial collapses and

cave-ins. "Collapse" doesn't mean global, dead-level demolition style collapse at free-fall speed. So you are fitting words to your agenda. Moreover, you conveniently leave out the context that the firefighters had just seen two unprecedented global collapses earlier that day. Why wouldn't they expect the previously impossible?

And talk about cherry-picking information, you conspicuously do not address the countdown heard over the firefighters radio because there is no spin room there. You are as transpatent as any other cheap, standard issue disinfo agent. Nothing about the molten steel, or impossible physics of free-fall acceleration through 95,000 tons of steel. Just a video showing nothing in which you spin that the fires were big, not small, ignoring the fact that no fires of any size could have caused this kind of collapse.

It is getting so that the disinfo tactics are now so well known to us that we can now spot them as further evidence that Gage is right, and has been all along.

Release the Sandy Hook video.