Comment: not only money, but an overwhelming show of support

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not only money, but an overwhelming show of support

This is a great seed considering the overt corruption of the prior organization and the division that it caused the Ron Paul camp during his nomination process.
I am encouraged to see so many comments and posts on the Daily Paul to this day.
I know first hand and you can check my prior posts to verify this, but "the fix was in" against Ron Paul starting with Iowa.
I will always attribute my greatest educational moment in politics to the understanding of why all of the post straw poll political pundits laughed at a prospect of the Ron Paul nomination. It is because they understood the system better than I did.
I was naive in thinking that the candidate with the most support would win. In hind sight I cannot believe how short sighted I was to think that elections would be held by the ballot boxes.
"They" say that the Tea Party is dead, well if this is the case why do "they" keep trying to convince us of that.
One lesson we should all learn from the debacle in Iowa is to damn the torpedo's and go all in from the start of the nomination process.
Let's have a show of force next time in Iowa.