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Comment: Did she get his name and

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Did she get his name and

Did she get his name and badge number. I'd file a report against him. It most likely will do nothing to him for now but it will go in the record and when more instances are reported it will show a pattern of his behavior which may eventually get him out of a position he's obviously too immature to handle.

I was pulled over once on a highway and I exited the highway when I was being pulled over there was no shoulder and I did it for the officers safety. He didnt like that very much apparently. He also told me to give him my iced tea bottle so he could see if there was alcohol in it. The reason I was pulled over was for flicking a ciggarette out the window. It was actually a black n mild (which take about 15-20 minutes to smoke) i still had it and it was almost gone so he couldn't ticket me for littering. So he decided to give me a speeding ticket. 74 in a 65 which the court clerk found hilarious. He also tried to give me a seatbelt ticket but I firmly told him I took it off to reach the glove box and he let that go.

Moral of the story is a lot of cops suck at protecting and serving and only join for the authority it grants them. These are the ones most people come across and they give cops a bad name. I'm glad your wife's came around to our way of thinking. It usually doesn't occur until it happens to you which is a shame but the only way to get rid of these cops and this behavior is to report it. Let him and the rest of them know you won't stand for that behavior. They work for us, and law abiding citizens shouldn't have to fear the police.