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I really really feel so bad for the nice people who are misled by this POS- and have been for years Ive been watching it with my heart in my throat from this crap from canada. I just started speaking up about 6 months ago when it jumped on the big mislead called PAULGJTARDFEST.
and all the sheep fell for it.
Paul couldnt turn his back fast enough and had another rally put together with in hours- and was ready for it but his flock wasnt ready and left him- coupled with the GOP committing felonies were the reasons Paul did not win.

I cant wait till the day it meets a REAL American face to face that has its number.
It hates our country you, me and everyone else here, and LOATHES our Constitution. Ever see it respond to a thread any American would love?
Now you know why.
Now its latched on to Rand Paul.
Its agenda is OBVIOUS to anyone who cares to look a little deeper.
Many of the gullible flock here and also to Ron Paul because they smell truth and trust, and always have.
This thing called LL sucks the life blood from this site and the r3VOLution any way it can.


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016