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First, antibiotics can cause anaphylaxis and kill you.

Now then, still scared of blue?
If you look into it, you will find "Smurf man." He had a horrible skin condition, as in ready to die he was so miserable. He began to use silver all over his body, and to drink massive quantities. He knew he would turn blue, he did turn blue, and you can see his pretty white teeth against that blue skin because he can SMILE again.
I know how to make my own, I do make my own for cleaning and for use on my animals. However, there is a new way to make colloidal silver, "ionic silver" they call it. There is no risk of turning blue with it.
I learned about colloidal silver from an old formulary of my dad's (he was a pharmacist.) My kids had been fighting recurrent strep throat for a year and they were talking tonsillectomy. I wanted a better answer, and found this recipe to make colloidal silver. We cooked up a batch, and that was the last of the strep problem. I take it for sinus problems, snort the stuff. I rub it on cuts and scratches, they heal faster and it seems to have some pain relieving action. On the rare occasion I get really sick, I take a few teaspoons several times a day. I have used it without hesitation for almost 30 years now (I don't care, blue is my color...) and I am still not even a tiny bit blue. The brand I like is Sovereign Silver - I just find it more effective. It is an ionic formulation, and there is no risk of turning blue. BUT, if SHTF I will take my own and take my chances with being blue.
My only experience with copper is we used it and silver in our hot tub instead of chlorine or bromine, and it worked great. I also have noticed that algae does not grow in a copper watering dish we have. It would not surprise me at all to find it had benefit. I have been looking into colloidal gold recently. Interesting.... tempting.... have not decided if I will take that leap or not.

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