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see you've found what you think to be a clever new way to self bump and spam other people's threads, by squealing like a stuck pig pig about someone with multiple accounts.
Maybe you're just mad your multiple accounts got banned eh "Naderite4ronPaul?" It wouldn't surprise me if you had others.

I know this may be hard for your narcissistic delusional mind to comprehend, but everyone is not going to "lock step" agree or even like you, or your content. I know I don't.

You "demanding answers" and ordering the owner and mods to "hop to it" when you say jump, is just another example of your sense of self entitlement. The way you're coddled and catered to here is pretty ridiculous.

There is more than one person that doesn't like you and or doesn't want you here. I had at least 37 people agree with me that it was time for you to go. I had more write me privately saying the same. Many are too scared to speak up, but I'm not afraid. I won't cower to your attempts to intimidate, and rally sympathy for whatever cause you may have.

For whatever few decent articles you drag up here, you've caused 10 times the division and hostility. Your presence here would be the equivalent of me joining a Mexican political forum and telling them what to do with their country, even though I was born and reared in the US.

Please stop the self bumping, spamming, and the general paranoid sniveling about someone who dares to vote against something they don't like from you.

Maybe you could be reinstated as a mod again, and then you could just ban anyone who dares to question you or your motives. You could let your "pure innermost" closet authoritarian shine again, and have a nice homogeneous community where everyone worships at your feet. I sense you're drooling as you read this.

In short, cut the shit. Stop self bumping, spamming, and whimpering. Rules should apply to you too. Many are baffled as to why they don't.