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I think a lot of those saying

I think a lot of those saying she didn't believe in her own philosophy may say these things because she didn't always live up to them? I have no idea of this is true or not, I care more about the message than the messenger. However id point out that there are many many people who hold an ideal that they at times fail to live up too, religeous people are no exception. We are only human afterall.

The biggest block to Ayn Rand in the minds of those who should otherwise embrace and celebrate her philosophy is her view on religeon. Plain and simple. For some, if you don't praise their particular faith, you will never be truly accepted.

Ayn Rand's philosophy IS Capitalism. And whats more its proof that we don't need to believe in gods in order to be both moral and just people. Common law and the belief in the virtue of universal rights and universal laws is an ethic born of reason. No carrot or stick is required to understand these principals, and they are objectivly true for everyone, no matter what else you may believe.